Mariana Martín Capriles aka MPeach is a Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist working simultaneously as a vocalist, songwriter, video artist, and designer. She has been tapped by brands such as Laura Mercier, Nordstrom, Sephora, NHL, Hellmans, VH1, Dove, Spin, Smirnof, Fuse, as a producer, designer and animator. Mariana has also created live visuals and music videos for Grammy nominee and Latin Grammy winners Los Amigos Invisibles as well as for Los Crema Paraiso, Todosantos, and Hearts Revolution.

She’s completed installations at Bric contemporary art (Brooklyn, NY), One Art Space (New York, NY), Safari Gallery in Soho (NYC) and collaborated with the Joshua Light Show.

As a musician, her full-length album as MPeach, Malania, was released on Dutty Artz label in 2015. Sonically, the album is a representation of her overall aesthetic through sonic cross-pollination of influences from Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. High-energy dance beats meet low-end bass, and then flirt with rhythms rooted in traditions from her native Venezuela. THUMP featured Malania stating, “...this is global music at its very finest.” The album was released with a series of online videos, also created by Mariana, for each of the ten songs on the album. Her career started as a member of the now disbanded cult electronic band, Todosantos,that opened for headlining acts such as M.I.A and the Beastie Boys, and performed in coveted venues at SXSW, Pop Montreal and CMJ Festival.